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WeiCepts was created to provide analytical tools and services to the financial industry, with a special focus on credit related issues and problems.

The financial industry is facing unprecedented challenges. Many have found that the recent events have confounded even the most experienced industry veterans. Economic outlooks provided by some elite scholars and experts have often been proved obsolete through recent history. The reality is that as the current economic structure, which is supported by piling debts, collapses; the world is entering a new era, an era full of uncertainty. While this uncertainty makes people doubt what they have learned from theories and models in the past, they are eager to find new guidance and new analytics.

WeiCepts combines unparalleled research expertise in information processing, modeling, and system implementation with a deep understanding of the markets. This is used to develop analytical tools that businesses and business operations need to solve real problems. Our focus is to provide products that can help customers deal with new issues, new scenarios, and other moving targets in the constantly changing world. With that in mind, our products are designed to be practical, flexible, intuitive, and simple to use. We believe many existing protocols for valuation and validation need to be adjusted in order for them to work successfully in the new era. Our consulting services provide a unique and independent view of those valuations and validation processes.

We are a practical analytical services provider with our feet always on ground. If you are a result-oriented business, let us help you.


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